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Professionals with years of experience in the Ukrainian and international companies

  • Natalia Romaschenko

    Specialization: Organizational Development, Strategic Planning, Business Development, Effective Management; Executive Search and Personnel Recruitment; Personnel Appraisal, Training and Development, Talent Management, Staff Satisfaction; Psychological Counseling, Conflict Management
    Experience: 20+ years of work experience within Western and Ukrainian companies, expert in Executive search and Personnel Recruitment, deep knowledge of HR and Organisational Management.
    • The University of Toulon, Institute of Business Administration, Strategic and Sustainable Business Development, МВА, Toulon, France
    • Shevchenko National University, Psychology and Sociology, MSc, Kiev, Ukraine
    • College of International Economic Relations, Economics and Management, Kiev, Ukraine
    Working languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Eugeniy Moskalenko

    Specialization: Customer-orientation, communication skills. Conflict- and stress-management. Managerial skills. Sales techniques, negotiation techniques, telemarketing, team work and cooperation.
    Experience: : More than 10 years in training business. Wast experience in developing service standards and teaching the customer oriented communication. Participates in the territory communities activities as a trainer and consultant, as well as in work with refugees, ATO participants and their families. Many years of coaching and psychological consulting.
    • Psychology, State University of Dnepropetrovsk
    Additional education:
    • Various trainings on such topics as sales, negotiations, customer-orientation, project management, time-management, mediation and facilitation techniques, strategic planning, train the trainer, etc.
    Working languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Tatiana Yemelyanova

    Specialization: Staff management and performance management, recruiting, development, motivation and appraisal of the employees; leadership, effective communication, self-organisation, training the trainers.
    Experience: Provided over 300 trainings. Many years of experience in managing HR function. Vast experience in recruiting and career counseling of top managers. Successful experience in building HR function and implementing the system of staff training and development in MTI – big retail network.
    • Sociology and psychology, Taras Shevchenko Kiev State University
    Additional education:
    • 5 schools for trainers: CAP, Gestalt Consulting Group, OMT, Consulting Systems, NMA
    • More than 50 trainings on different business topics in leading Ukrainian and Russian training companies: NTCA, KMBS, MIM, NMA Kiev, Core Business School, etc.
    Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Nikolay Lyakhovich

    Specialization: HR management, sales, negotiation, distribution.
    Experience: Conducted about 100 trainings. Many years of management experience in international and Ukrainian companies - sales, HR management. Over 10 years of successful leading of the own business.
    • Engineering, Odessa Institute of low-temperature technology and energy
    Additional education:
    • Selling skills, PM, Ukraine
    • Supervisory skill, PM, Ukraine
    • Management and Appraisal Performance, PM, Ukraine
    • Train the Trainers, PM, Ukraine
    • Training for Trainers, ОMТ, Ukraine
    • Presentation skills, Business Link, Ukraine
    Working languages: Russian, English.
  • Sergey Korsun

    Specialization: Legal support and business safety, management, records management; security, internal investigations, non-instrumental lie detection, staff assessment.
    Experience: Many years of lecturing experience. Currently - lecturer on general and social psychology in one of the leading Kiev law schools. Vast experience of resolving conflicts between companies and government authorities, legal support of business. Successful advocacy in the well-known Kiev law firms. More than 5 years spent in supervisory positions in Ministry of Home Affairs.9 years of service in tax police Kiev office.

    • Psycho-pedagogical activity, the M.Gorky Kiev State Pedagogical Institute
    • Legal activities, National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine
    Additional education, Scientific degrees and Scientific works:
    • Candidate of Psychological Sciences, Kiev National University of Internal Affairs, Ukraine (2009).
    • Diploma of Professor of Ukrainian branch of United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) (2004).
    • Certificate of associate of the International Personnel Academy (2007).
    • More than 40 scientific publications in the field of law, psychology, and economics. Among them 4 textbooks and 2 monographs.
    Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Alexander Zubriy

    Specialization: Crisis management, change management, sales, supervising sales teams, image and branding, advertising, advertising in internet, sites usability analysis, staff management, performance management, motivation system, recruiting, company audit for M&A purpose, tough negotiations.
    Experience: 25 years of experience as an executive director, commercial director and managing partner. 15 years of experience as a lecturer, provided more than 400 seminars. Directly or indirectly, trained more than 3,000 professionals involved in direct sales. Conducted over 2,000 consultating sessions for companies in the mechanical engineering industry, banking, medical and pharmaceutical, service, publishing, commerce, etc. Wrote 8 books on various business issues.
    • Kyiv College of Communication
    • Odessa Theological Seminary
    Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Yuriy Navruzov

    Specialization: fine-tuning of business management systems, strategic management and marketing, organizational design, crisis recovery, business planning, business processes design and optimization, human resources, performance management, the development of incentive systems, recruitment.
    Experience: Specialized courses in business and management in leading academic and commercial organizations of the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Russia, Ukraine. More than 20 years of practical experience in managing, consulting, teaching, performed more than 40 international and domestic projects. Author and presenter of over 100 seminars, workshops and master classes. Rector of the first corporate university in Ukraine. Over the last 15 years dedicated himself to researching and testing the methods to improve the management efficiency. His unique experience includes not only the development of recommendations, but also their practical implementation in small, medium and large scale companies of Ukraine and Russia as an interim-manager. The author of five business bestsellers, author of the unique method of losses assessment of from administrative inefficiency, the author of the effective leadership methodology, ideologist of a new direction in management such as "hash management», the author of over 150 articles for Russian and Ukrainian business editions.
    • Thermophysical engineer. Candidate of Technical Sciences, Dnipropetrovsk National University
    Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian.
  • Vladimir Shamchenko

    Specialization: Development and implementation of training systems depending on customer needs; consulting on various sales related matters; Conducting business trainings on effective recruitment, management and development of personnel, sales skills, public speaking skills (successful presentation), customer focus and understanding of successful brands strategy.
    Experience: Provided more than 100 trainings for various target audiences (Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia). More than 19 years of experience in international companies - Philip Morris. For the last 4 years - business coach of the South Region of Ukraine.
    • Management - "European University"
    Additional education:
    • Sales and Merchandising skills (PMU / Ukraine)
    • Management skills (PMU / Ukraine)
    • Setting up a Distribution System Seminar (PMI / Turkish / Istanbul)
    • Interpersonal management skills (Achieve global / Ukraine)
    • Business Simulation «Store Wars» (INSEAD / Russia / Moscow)
    • Effective Presentation Skills (Business Link / Ukraine)
    • Motivation through Leadership and Team Building (PMU / Ukraine)
    • Conducting interview by competences (PMU / HR / Ukraine)
    • Introduction to Marketing (PMU / Ukraine)
    • TtT «Building Accredited Commercial Expertise» (PMI / Switzerland / Lausanne)
    • TtT «Consumer Respond» Territory Management (PMI / Turkish / Istanbul)
    • English language course, «Bournemouth English School», UK
    Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English.
  • Vladimir Kebko

    Specialization: providing educational programs in the area of International Accounting and Reporting Standards, Financial Analysis, Budgeting and Risk Management.
    Experience: 12 years in the position of Finance Director in the production, wholesale and retail, insurance, service providing and investment companies.
    • Postgraduate certificate in Accounting and Audit, ACCA certified
    Working languages: Russian, Ukrainian, English, Italian.


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