Webinar “Performance management”

 The secret weapon of a manager.

 During the crisis, all the leaders, regardless of company size and niche that the company holds in the market, are confronted with the question of how to raise the efficiency of subordinates. Is it possible to ensure the desired performance rate, as well as the level of their self-motivation and self-organization?

 If you want to master this secret weapon and be an effective leader during the times of a crisis, you are kindly invited to participate in Yury Navruzov’s webinar "Performance management."

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Webinar “Finance for Non-Financials”

Nowadays every leader must understand finance. At the same time we often hear from the heads of different areas that Accounting Department is a place where one can easily loose himself.

The online course "Finance for Non-Financials" is designed to make the field of finance and accounting to be transparent and clear for the people who have not ever had anything  to do with finance. This course will be of a use for  all the managers and employees who need the basic knowledge of finance in their day-to-day job.

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